LOUDEMY is an intelligent chatbot platform that helps turn online conversations into a powerful force to build more informed and inclusive societies.

It’s easy to spread hate and fear online. Comment threads and discussion groups are rife with it. But what if intolerance and misinformation were challenged?

We have a strong hunch that the quality of conversations we have online shapes the quality of society we live in. We also believe that innovative technology can help create more open debate and dialogue.

This is why we developed LOUDEMY, a chatbot platform that helps people to efficiently and collaboratively turn online hate speech towards safer, positive conversations for all involved.

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LOUDEMY helps you contribute to real-time online conversations on topics that matter to you, even when you’re not online.
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It does not block users, flag content or delete comments, but instead offers alternative information including text, video and audio.
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LOUDEMY is triggered whenever it detects hate-filled language, fake news and intolerance in online discussions.
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It analyzes the mood of the conversation and automatically generates comments and data to provide alternative, positive viewpoints on a wide range of topics from human rights to climate change.
All you have to do is...
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